Prototheca wickerhamii


  • Members of genus Prototheca, an achlorophyllic green algae.
    • The genus is now included within the class Trebouxiophyceae, order Chlorellales, and family Chlorellaceae
    • Prototheca wickerhamii is the most frequently isolated.
      • Other species reported: P. zopfii is the second most commonly isolated, followed distantly by P. cutis and P. miyajii.
      • P. wickerhamii appears with more symmetrical and smaller morula and sporangia than P. zopfii
    • Present in water, soil and decomposing matter.
    • It may be found in flora and excrement of multiple mammals, especially cattle and dogs.
  • It may behave like slow-growing yeast in the micro lab.
    • Growth may be achieved on chocolate agar, Sabouraud dextrose agar or sheep blood agar.
    • Colonial growth appears dull-white [Fig 1].

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Last updated: September 10, 2023