Bacterial vaginosis

Valeria Fabre, M.D.


  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV) appears to represent a disruption of normal vaginal flora with altered relative concentrations of various microorganisms, including depletion of H2O2-producing lactobacilli and proliferation of anaerobic Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria such as:
    • Gardnerella vaginalis
    • Mobiluncus species
    • Prevotella species
    • Atopobium vaginae
    • Other: Leptotrichia/Sneathia spp., Megasphaera spp. and BVAB-1, BVAB-2, and BVAB-3 (all Clostridiales order bacteria)
  • Inflammation is absent with a dense biofilm; G. vaginalis predominates over other species.

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Last updated: January 11, 2023