Pleural Effusion Tables and Figures

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Characteristics of the Three Stages of Parapneumonic Pleural Effusions

Exudative Stage Fibrinolytic Stage Organizing Stage (Empyema)
Appearance Nonpurulent, not turbid Nonpurulent, not turbid Purulent, turbid
Fluid consistency Free-flowing Loculated Organized
Gram stain and culture results Negative Transitional Positive (before antibiotic treatment)
Glucose >100 mg/dL <50 mg/dL <50 mg/dL
Protein <3 g/dL >3 g/dL >3 g/dL
pH >7.30 <7.30 <7.30

PMNs, polymorphonuclear neutrophils; WBCs, white blood cells.

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