Parainfluenza virus


  • RNA enveloped (single strand, negative sense) virus w/ 5 antigenically distinct types: human parainfluenza virus types hPIV, hPIV-1, hPIV-2, hPIV-3, hPIV-4A/4B.
  • Viruses are members of the paramyxovirus family with two different genera:
    • hPIV-1 and hPIV-3 belong to the Respirovirus genus.
      • HPIV-1: cause of croup in children with a tendency to see more cases in the fall season of odd-numbered years.
      • HPIV-3: cause of respiratory infections year-round, especially when HPIV-1 and HPIV-2 are not especially active, but more often seen in spring and early summer.
    • hPIV-2 and hPIV-4 belong to the Rubulavirus genus.
      • hPIV-2: cause of croup in children, less common than hPIV-1 or hPIV-3, most cases seen in fall yearly.
      • hPIV-4: patterns are not as well characterized.

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Last updated: August 8, 2022