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Developmental Disabilities

Table 1. Developmental Milestones from Birth to 5 Years
Age (mo)Adaptive/Fine MotorLanguageGross MotorPersonal–Social
1Grasp reflex (hands fisted)Facial response to soundsLifts head in prone positionStares at face
2Follows object with eyes past midlineCoos (vowel sounds)Lifts head in prone position to 45 degreesSmiles in response to others
  • Hands open
  • Brings objects to mouth
  • Laughs and squeals
  • Turns toward voice
  • Sits: head steady
  • Rolls to supine
Smiles spontaneously
6Palmar grasp of objectsBabbles (consonant sounds)
  • Sits independently
  • Stands, hands held
  • Reaches for toys
  • Recognizes strangers
9Pincer graspSays “mama,” “dada” nonspecifically, comprehends “no”Pulls to stand
  • Feeds self
  • Waves bye-bye
12Helps turn pages of book
  • 2–4 words
  • Follows command with gesture
  • Stands independently
  • Walks, one hand held
Points to indicate wants
  • 4–6 words
  • Follows command no gesture
Walks independently
  • Drinks from cup
  • Imitates activities
18Turns pages of book
  • 10–20 words
  • Points to 4 body parts
Walks up stepsFeeds self with spoon
24Solves single-piece puzzles
  • Combines 2–3 words
  • Uses “I” and “you”
  • Jumps
  • Kicks ball
  • Removes coat
  • Verbalizes wants
30Imitates horizontal and vertical linesNames all body partsRides tricycle using pedals
  • Pulls up pants
  • Washes, dries hands
  • Copies circle
  • Draws person with 3 parts
  • Gives full name, age, and sex
  • Names 2 colors
  • Throws ball overhand
  • Walks up stairs (alternating feet)
  • Toilet-trained
  • Puts on shirt, knows front from back
42Copies crossUnderstands “cold,” “tired,” ”hungry”Stands on 1 foot for 2–3 sEngages in associative play
  • Counts 4 objects
  • Identifies some numbers and letters
  • Understands prepositions (under, on, behind, in front of)
  • Asks “how” and “why”
Hops on 1 foot
  • Dresses with little assistance
  • Shoes on correct feet
  • Copies square
  • Draws person with 6 parts
Understands oppositesBroad-jumps 24 inches
  • Bosses and criticizes
  • Shows off
  • Prints first name
  • Counts 10 objects
Asks meaning of wordsSkips (alternating feet)Ties shoes

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